Technology support that meets your needs

Through our “people first – secure always” philosophy, we remove pain from an organisation’s IT services and infrastructure through our collaborative service approach.

By drawing on our united team of highly certified experts, coupled with our investment in state-of-the-art automation to power service delivery, we provide faster, better and more cost-effective IT solutions to our customers.

We are committed to continually improving our service delivery, investing in innovation, automation, and people to ensure we get the best results for our customers every day.

Brennan delivers powerful technology solutions and managed IT services for Australian businesses looking to grow their position and scale-up effectively.

We tailor the solution to evolve with you

Whatever the need, we tailor the solution to meet both your immediate requirements and to power your future growth. To explore how we can help select which segment best reflects your organisation, or if you know what solution you are looking for, select from our suite of solutions below.

Brennan for

One team united to help businesses unleash their workforce’s potential, unlock productivity, and better serve their customers through our Outsourced IT services.

Brennan for

One team united to challenge the status quo by helping enterprises provide uncomplicated and seamless experiences for their people and customers through our Managed IT services.

Brennan for Government

One team united to enhance the way governments use technology securely to empower and improve the lives of all Australians through our managed IT services. 

Outsourced IT Services
Service Desk Managed Cybersecurity Managed Cloud Managed Infrastructure Managed Networks Managed Endpoint
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Unleash your people from the burden of IT

As the only Managed Service Provider in Australia offering true end-to-end outsourced IT solutions, we can be your complete, long-term IT partner.

Contact one of our experts on 1300 500 000 or submit an online enquiry.

A long-term partner empowering success

Having the right IT infrastructure today doesn’t mean it will be effectively optimised for your business tomorrow, as the technology landscape is rapidly evolving.

Keeping abreast of all the changes is challenging and time-consuming, requiring expert resourcing that is unviable for most organisations to have in-house.

With Brennan taking responsibility for your IT needs under an outsourced arrangement, we can help your organisation optimise costs, reduce risk, increase productivity, efficiency, competitiveness, and provide you with the scale when you need it.

This allows you and your team to focus on revenue-generating activities and innovation.

Our outsourced IT gives you a competitive advantage

Working quickly, proactively, and strategically, we help transform your business through modern and innovative outsourced IT solutions. Through our collaborative, agile and friendly service delivery, we take care of the burden of IT, mitigate risks and manage your infrastructure to ensure it delivers real world measurable outcomes.

By selecting Brennan to manage your environment, you can regain control through our AI-powered self-service portals, and benefit from an unrivalled level of service. Put simply, we optimise the power of IT and give you back time to work on the things that makes a different to your organisation.

What our customers say

Technology is ubiquitous everywhere; we are starting to see a lot more innovation and digitisation in our sector. Having a partnership with a leading managed services provider such as Brennan to support all our front line staff 24/7 is critical.

Jose A Perez, Chief Information Officer, HammondCare

Thank you for all your support over the last year and through the COVID period. Very pleased with the strategic partnership in place between Brennan and Delaware North.

Phil Witchen, Information Technology Manager, Delaware North

Bank First has an excellent commercial relationship with Brennan IT. In particular, in the area of Microsoft licensing which Brennan excels above others.

Mark Thomson, Chief Technology Officer, Bank First

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